Friday, March 30, 2007

Griffith, McGimpsey and Moore photos

Some more old family photos, all received by my aunt Cherie Geyer from Vernon Capps.

William & Marget McGimpsey, 1860

William Martin McGimpsey was born about 1800 in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland and passed away shortly before 22 November 1870 (the date of the printing of his funeral card). He married in 1828, Marget Martin, who was born about 1799 in Newtownards as well. She passed away on 22 July 1881 in Loughries, Newtownards, County Down, Ireland. From their funeral cards:

The remains of my beloved Husband, William McGimpsey, will be removed from his late residence, Loughriescouse, for interment in the Family Burying Ground, Movilla, on Thursday, 24th inst. at Nine o'clock, a.m.

Margaret McGimpsey. November 22, 1870.

Source: Funeral Card for William McGimpsey, 22 Nov 1870. Original in possession of Vernon Capps, photocopy in possession of author.


Died At Loughries, on Friday, 22nd July, 1881, Margaret McGimpsey, (Relict of the late William McGimpsey,) Aged 82 Years.

The Remains of my Mother-in-law will be removed for interment in the Family Burying-Ground, Movilla, on Saturday, 23rd inst., at Four o'clock p.m.

Robert Patton. Loughries, 22nd July, 1881.

Source: Funeral Card for Margaret McGimpsey, Loughries, 22 Jul 1881. Original in possession of Vernon Capps, photocopy in possession of author.

Mary (McGimpsey) McRoberts and Eliza McGimpsey

Mary McGimpsey was born on 12 November 1870 in Thornburg, Keokuk, Iowa and died there on 29 August 1954. On 17 December 1890, she married John McRoberts (1862-1935). Eliza "Lisse" McGimpsey was born on 24 November 1868 in Coal Valley, Rock Island, IL and passed away on 17 May 1956 in Thornburg. They were daughters of Henry James McGimpsey (photo in previous post) and Eliza McLean. The date of the photo was labeled as "May 1848", but since that is before either of these women were born, I am guessing that (based on their appearances) it is more likely to have been May 1948.

William James and Jane M. McGimpsey, no date

William James McGimpsey was born on 13 January 1863 in Rock Island, Rock Island, IL. He died on 20 October 1920 in Prairie, Keokuk, IA. On 22 December 1892, he married Jane M. Moore, the daughter of James and Rachel Moore. She was born 12 December 1866 in Thornburg, Keokuk, IA, and died there on 6 April 1938. A photo of them and there children can be found here.

Rachel and Mary Moore, Ireland, 1911

Rachel Moore was born in August 1838 in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland. She died on 14 August 1921 in Thornburg, Keokuk, IA. On 5 March 1866, she married James Moore (1829-1911). A photo of Rachel and her children is here. I have no information on her sister Mary. They are daughters of James and Jane (Bowden) Moore. Their brothers John and James Moore also settled in Keokuk County, Iowa. A photo of John and his family is here.

Rachel Moore's home near Springdale, where she passed away in 1921

John W. and Priscilla Griffith, 1866

John White Griffith was born 24 February 1835 in Brown, Washington, Indiana and died on 26 December 1914 in Wellman, Washington, Iowa. On 27 October 1857, he married Priscilla Longwell, the daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Winslow) Longwell. She was born on 3 February 1834 in Grand Prairie, Marion, Ohio and died on 7 June 1899 in Wellman. More photos of the Griffiths and family can be found in this previous post.


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