Friday, March 09, 2007

Two new blogs to check out

I've added two new genealogy blog links to my sidebar. Both are well put together sites that look like they will have quite a bit of information on their topics. As the author, Bill Ives, describes them:

One is the Ives Family History Blog, covering my father’s family going back to William Ives, co-founder of New Haven, as well as those who married into the family (e.g., Bassett, Dickerman, Yale, Atwater, Peck, Cooper, Day, Humiston, Bishop, Dunbar, Rich and others).

The other is
Sharp Family in NC covering the history of the Sharp family of Harrellsville, North Carolina. My grandmother is a Sharp from Harrellsville. It also covers some of the families who married into the Sharp family (e.g., Winbourne, Hare, Parker, Powell).

For both blogs, I am also doing brief histories of where they lived and travel tips for the locations.


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