Monday, May 19, 2008

Winslow-Woolsey Rumbout-Mayflower Connection

Rumbout Presbyteryian Church Records-Mayflower Connection

I was running out of leads, so I decided to go back to the Mayflower Family Through Five Generations to see if I could possibly recognize something that slipped past me earlier. I figured all my research had made me much more familar with names and places, and maybe I might "see" something that would "click" in my brain.....I knew that some of the families were migrating together-- Providence>Hempstead>Rumbout>Newburgh (New Marlborough).

I really believed that Samuel Winslow (b ca. 1725) , son of Joseph Winslow (born in Boston 16 June 1677) was part of the line----so I decided to look at the reference to Hannah Winslow's 1757 marriage in the Rumbout Presbyterian Church.

My request for the microfische was delayed at the post office, but two months later I was surprised at the information on the Rumbout Presbyterian Church film (LDS)#1002749.
Joseph Winslow and Margaret Storm, 21 August 1753
Sarah Winslow and Daniel Cunningham, 28 January 1755
Benjamin Woolsey and Margaret Teller, 22 Dec 1761 (Samuel W. Winslow's future in-laws)
Birth of Elizabeth Flewelling 3 Mar 1752 to John Flewelling (Deborah Denton)
Birth of John Winslow 19 Apr 1752 to Samuel Winslow

There are also Lawrences, Cornells, Fowlers, Briggs, Smiths, Storms that I haven't had time to backtrack all their lineage up to Hempstead or down to Newburgh---but I definitely have "proof" that Benjamin Woolsey, Samuel Winslow, John Flewwelling belonged to the same church (Rumbout Presbyterian Church) at the same time, and each migrated to Newburgh.

The next project is to cross-check the Newburgh folks, against the Rumbout Presbyterian folks, and the Rumbout Presbyterian folks, against the St. George Hempstead Presbyterian records. (Ironic that the Newburgh church was also called St. George.)

I've looked all over for a Priscilla in the related migrating families for Samuel's second wife, but the only Priscilla I found is Priscilla Woolsey married to a Woolsey. So I don't think I'm going to solve that mystery anytime soon.

So, once again I will submit an application to the Mayflower lineage for Samuel W. Winslow>Samuel >Joseph>Joseph>Mary Chilton> James Chilton....and it will probably be declined because no one really wants to look at the research I've put together---does anyone expect me to find a birth record 250 years later? I'll also be pulling the information together to submit it to the New England Historical Society who is co-sponsoring the series of books on the Beekman Patent by Frank Doherty.

After I get that all done, I'm moving on.

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