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Births from a Ginkens Family Bible

From a scan of the Births page from a cousin who has the Ginkens family bible. The scan is fairly easy to read and contains the following information:

Jessie Ginkens, August 30th 1828
Susann M. Ginkens, Jan. 18th 1836
Sarah E Ginkens, June 3thd 1853
Andrew H. Ginkens, Sept. 20th 1855
Henery A. D. Ginkens, Nove 1st 1857
Percivil J. Ginkens, April 4th 1860
Martha J.A. Ginkens, Jan. 23thd 1863
Mary E. Ginkens, Feb 18th 1865
James H. Ginkens, May 30th 1867
David I. Ginkens, October 13th 1869
Aletha B Ginkens, June 27th 1872
Lucy O. Ginkens, Aug. 30th 1874
Jessie F. Ginkens, April 17th 1876
Fredric Lane Ginkens, Dec. 19th 1879*
Julia Edna Ginkens, April 9th 1881
* Someone later made the last 9 of Frederick Lane Ginkens birth year into an 8 using a black pen [changed from 1879 to 1878 - the original writing is in pencil]. Other evidence is conflicting as well: in the 1900 US Federal Census, where he is a servant in the household of Alexander Clark of Brighton, Washington, Iowa, his birth month and year is given as "Dec 1878." On his World War I Selective Service Draft Registration Card, his birth date is given as "Dec 19, 1879," he still lives in Brighton and works on an oil wagon for Robert Griffith. I would give a stronger weight to the 1879 date, as it is the original from the bible and was the date he gave on his draft card. He may not even have been present when the census taker visited the household in 1900.

The information from the Marriages page of the family bible can be found here.

Family tradition is that Jesse Gum Ginkens [my 3rd gr-grandfather, born 1828 in Virginia] changed the spelling of the family name from Jenkins to avoid confusion with the mail. I have not been able to prove it as of yet, but I believe he is the oldest son (second child) of Andrew Jenkins (abt 1800-bet 1870-80) and Elenor "Nellie" Gum (1804-1875), who married 27 Jan 1825 in Pendleton County, VA. Many of Jesse's children's names are the same as those of Andrew and Nellie: Andrew, Aletha, Henry A., and Sarah Ellen; and his family settled in the same area as a daughter of Andrew and Nellie, Martha J. (Jenkins) Rumer (the Ginkens in Penn and the Rumers in Fairfield, neighboring townships in Jefferson County, IA). His family later moved to Clay township, Washington, IA (just across the county line from Penn). He and Susan, his wife, are buried in Howard Grove Cemetery in Penn, Jefferson, IA. Additionally, in the 1840 US Federal Census, there is a male in the household of Andrew and Nellie of the same age that Jesse would be. Do you know of any "hard" evidence?


Roselivica/Ryvan 1/24/2017 3:38 AM  

I love this. I am a grand daughter to Howard ginkens. I am named after aletha b ginkens. I think we have spoke before

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