Thursday, November 29, 2007

Samuel W. Winslow Signature and Glebe Documents

Pricilla Winslow 23 Sept 1790 All Wrong Glebe Indenture OriginalI never made it to Deeds, Probates and Wills Courts/Archives while in New York in October. I got "stuck" at the Newburgh Records department for three days, when it should have only taken a couple of hours. ..but I did come away with the photocopy of the 1790 signature of Samuel (W.) Winslow.

1790 Map of NewburghThere is an "X_No Way" through the 23 September 1790 Indenture entry on Priscilla Winslow. There is also a 30 September 1790 Indenture entry for Priscilla for lot 2, and a 30 September 1790 entry for Samuel Winslow for lot 9. The entry in the Glebe Leases (book 1) states Priscilla Winslow (that is Samuel W. Winslow's mother) plead poverty 1 May 1790.

I actually stood on the land that Samuel and Priscilla once leased from the Glebe--now that was pretty awesome. Samuel leased the Glebe lot 9 and lot 2 (Priscilla's) is close by--Samuel Winslow (father) lease for lot 2 is dated 1 May 1772.

Samuel Winslow signature on Glebe document 1790

Copy of Charter for St. George Episcopal Church

GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 1GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 2GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 3GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 4GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 5GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 6GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 7

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stephen Longwell "My Longwell Family History"

What a surprise I had on my New York genealogy trip! Instead of connecting my Samuel W. Winslow to the Winslow's of Rombout (still trying to find that Mayflower connection that the "cousins" had passed down to them) I was invited to connect with John Longwell, son of James Nelson Longwell, who had published "My Longwell Family History" in 1993.

John had agreed to "look for" the notes that his dad had put together on the Stephen Longwell side of the family. I never expected him to ask me to meet him in Albany to "pass" the treasure of notes to me. So I now possess the notes for My Longwell Family History, branch two--Stephen Longwell by James N. Longwell.

I've scanned the two notebooks of family information that covers 9 generations. I have this information available for any Stephen Longwell descents (I'll have to figure out postage cost--it will be on a CD). There are hundreds of pages of information that James Longwell gathered from libraries, books, wills, and Stephen Longwell family members. Regretfully, the information on Samuel W. Winslow isn't correct....but maybe after I have a chance to study the names around my Samuel, I'll have some new leads.

A good portion of the original book by his father traces the family descent of David L. Longwell Sr., referred to in the book, as family branch one. What John gave me were the notes for the second book, that was never written, the Stephen Longwell branch of the Longwell family. John still has copies of My Longwell Family History available--he can be reached at If you're interested in the CD copy of the Stephen Longwell notes, contact the BLOG.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Memes

I got tagged for two memes by Barbara of Our Carroll family Genealogy.


In this meme, you're supposed to go to page 161 of the book you're currently reading and list the 6th sentence on that page. Then you tag five other bloggers to do the same.

I'll let you guess the book, here's the sentence: "The Dodger sighed again, and resumed his pipe; as did Charley Bates."

Can you top this?

This meme was started by John Newmark of Transylvanian Dutch. It's purpose is to list your most prolific ancestor. John's great-great-grandfather had 22 children with three wives. He gives you extra credit if you show a screen shot from your family tree program to illustrate your ancestor's feat.

My family tree program doesn't have a feature to report a list of how many children each ancestor had, so I'm basically just guess-timating which had the most, and I think that would be my great grandparents Geyer. They had 12 kids, so no, I can't beat that by far! I did have an ancestor (Isaac W. Watson) who had 16 kids, but only 9 were his own, the others were stepchildren. Unfortunately, I can't add a screenshot of the Geyer Family Sheet, because there are still living children of this couple and I wouldn't want to publish their personal information!

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