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William Watson (born 1769) Death Notice

From the Friends' Intelligener: Philadelphia, First Month 21, 1860:
Died, At Millville, Columbia Co., PA., on the 25th of 7 mo., 1859, William Watson, aged a little over 90 years. He was the son of Amos and Phebe Watson of Falls Twp, Bucks County, and removed from That place to Muncy, while a young man, near the close of the century. He reside there till 1841, when he reitired from his farm and with his famly removed to Fishing Creek, where he spent the rest of his life. He was an active member of the Society of Friends, and for many years an elder therein. He posessed a robust constitution and was a very industrious and worthy citizen. The many deeds of charity he rendered were a real test of his Christaian benevolence, and as a parent, neighbor, and friend, he was well known for many excellent traits, and especially for his decision of charater. For the last year or more his powers of body and mind gradually declined, and being full of years, he at last sunk quietly to his peaceful rest, having survived his wife about nine years.

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Marriage date (and source) of William Watson (1769-1859) and Hannah Walton

One of the first marriages in Penn's Dale (this is the Quaker Meeting House in Muncy or Muncy Creek, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania) was the marriage of William Watson to Hanna Walton, in 1800. Job McCarty and Jane Walton in 1808; Jacob Haines and Rachel Ellis in 1815; John Warners and Louis Atkinson in 1821; Henry Encroyd and Catharine Whitacre, in 1823.

The Friends' Meeting House at Penn's Dale was founded in 1799.

History of Lycoming County, John Franklin Meginness, Brown, Runk and Co, Chicago, 1892.

There are 88 references to William Watson in this book. It will take a little time to go through them all since I can't print the pages or copy them, but the book is on books. google.....I'll probably go to the nearest library with the book before the end of the year and make copies of the most interesting pages.....now that I have to pay for all my photocopying I have to be more constrained.

Watson is on my maternal grandmother's side. Hopefully by the time I plow through this book I will be able to narrow (or identify Rebecca Roberts' father). Some of these are really large families with similar names so it should be time-consuming. But since I know now at least some of them are Quakers it doesn't look like any would qualify for DAR (revolutionary war patriots) and that was what I started working on these past few weeks. There's quite a few patriots to document.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Marriage Date for Isaac Watson and Rebecca Roberts

23 Dec. 1829 Lycoming Gazette (Lycoming is in Pennsylvania):
Martin STUMP to Miss Barbara KEHRER, both of Hepburn Twp., on Thursday last, by Jacob Grafius, Esq.
Charles EADER to Miss Elizabeth WALLACE, both of Hepburn Twp., on Thursday last by Richard Hays.
Isaac WATSON, of Muncy, to Miss Rebecca ROBERTS, of Fairfield Twp., on Thursday last by Rev. John Thomas.

Thursday last (according to the perpetual calendar) would be 17 December 1829.

Thanks to Paula Radwanski for posting 10 years of the Lycoming Gazette on-line.

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