Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Griffith family photos

These photos were passed down to my grandfather Harlan Geyer and are now in my aunt Cherie Geyer's possession. The names of those pictured were written on the back of the photos.

Griffith Family, 1880
Back row (left to right): Grant Griffith, Lucinda Griffith, Elizabeth Griffith
Front row (left to right): John W. Griffith, Priscilla Longwell Griffith, Etta Griffith

The Griffiths and Geyers, 1912
Back row (left to right): Valentine Wagamon, Elizabeth Griffith Wagamon, Grant Griffith, Mary Kruger Griffith
Front row (left to right): Lucinda Ellen Griffith Geyer, John White Griffith, Frank Geyer


Anonymous 5/25/2007 11:23 PM  

wow have not seen this picture for a while Awsome to see i think the last time was at my grandmother home , i am the grandson of Wilber Geyer who is the son of frank , my name is Duane Awsome Awsome !!!

Christina 5/29/2007 1:59 PM  

Hi Duane, thanks for commenting!

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