Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stephen Longwell "My Longwell Family History"

What a surprise I had on my New York genealogy trip! Instead of connecting my Samuel W. Winslow to the Winslow's of Rombout (still trying to find that Mayflower connection that the "cousins" had passed down to them) I was invited to connect with John Longwell, son of James Nelson Longwell, who had published "My Longwell Family History" in 1993.

John had agreed to "look for" the notes that his dad had put together on the Stephen Longwell side of the family. I never expected him to ask me to meet him in Albany to "pass" the treasure of notes to me. So I now possess the notes for My Longwell Family History, branch two--Stephen Longwell by James N. Longwell.

I've scanned the two notebooks of family information that covers 9 generations. I have this information available for any Stephen Longwell descents (I'll have to figure out postage cost--it will be on a CD). There are hundreds of pages of information that James Longwell gathered from libraries, books, wills, and Stephen Longwell family members. Regretfully, the information on Samuel W. Winslow isn't correct....but maybe after I have a chance to study the names around my Samuel, I'll have some new leads.

A good portion of the original book by his father traces the family descent of David L. Longwell Sr., referred to in the book, as family branch one. What John gave me were the notes for the second book, that was never written, the Stephen Longwell branch of the Longwell family. John still has copies of My Longwell Family History available--he can be reached at JohnCL2@aol.com. If you're interested in the CD copy of the Stephen Longwell notes, contact the BLOG.


Anonymous 1/19/2008 8:03 PM  

Hi Christina,

I was SO excited to see you had in possession the "Stephen" notes from James Nelson Longwell. Just before James passed away, I was in contact with him about my direct ancestor Stephen Longwell - and had given him several lines from my family to add to his collection. We were anxiously awaiting the second volume when I learned that James had passed on.
We were able to contact his daughter and his son through Rootsweb "LONGWELL" mailing list, but the person in charge of that list (not related to Stephen) began collecting all Longwell lines given to him, regardless if it was accurate, then selling the family group sheets. About that time, John Longwell quit responding to mails so I think he probably didn't want any part of what appeared to be a business operation.
Since then, all of us 'cousins' have long wondered what became of the Stephen Longwell notes....and to my surprise, I found your blog today! Now we know!!!! How fantastic!
Please let me know if you have converted these files to a CD - I know if several people who would LOVE to purchase a copy. My Email address is boatkitten AT aol DOT com . I do think we have corresponded before - either on the Winslow or Woolsey or Longwell line.
I have documents that show Stephen did get a pension for Rev War Service - just like his brother David. But I also had a lot of trouble getting anyone to acknowledge this in CT.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Valerie (nee Longwell)

Anonymous 10/30/2008 4:44 PM  

If you are looking for information John Longwell is still here. And yes I still have copies of my fathers book. Also, Yes I am discusted with people who profit from others work with out reconizing them. I can tell because there is something incorrect in my fathers book that has been copied to many places. They don't here. If you e-mail me please use a title that doesn't look like span.

Anonymous 1/23/2009 5:36 AM  

Yes, I am very interested in the notes about the Stephen Longwell branch of the family tree. Please contact me directly at carolbartlett@comcast.net. Thank you 1/22/09

Anonymous 3/13/2009 11:20 PM  

John, I am very interested in "My Longwell Family History". My father and Grandfather both corresponded with James when he was collecting data for the book. Do you still have any copies? You can contact me directly at Chris.Longwell@Questar.com. Thanks

Anonymous 5/09/2009 10:07 PM  

John, I am a great-great granddaughter of Stephen and Ellen (Slocum) Longwell, of which the second set of books writes of. I am very interested in a copy of Stephen Longwell's book on the Longwell family. You can contact me at gels7279@gmail.com
Thanks so much for being willing to share.
Gail Benner Elsasser

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