Thursday, November 29, 2007

Samuel W. Winslow Signature and Glebe Documents

Pricilla Winslow 23 Sept 1790 All Wrong Glebe Indenture OriginalI never made it to Deeds, Probates and Wills Courts/Archives while in New York in October. I got "stuck" at the Newburgh Records department for three days, when it should have only taken a couple of hours. ..but I did come away with the photocopy of the 1790 signature of Samuel (W.) Winslow.

1790 Map of NewburghThere is an "X_No Way" through the 23 September 1790 Indenture entry on Priscilla Winslow. There is also a 30 September 1790 Indenture entry for Priscilla for lot 2, and a 30 September 1790 entry for Samuel Winslow for lot 9. The entry in the Glebe Leases (book 1) states Priscilla Winslow (that is Samuel W. Winslow's mother) plead poverty 1 May 1790.

I actually stood on the land that Samuel and Priscilla once leased from the Glebe--now that was pretty awesome. Samuel leased the Glebe lot 9 and lot 2 (Priscilla's) is close by--Samuel Winslow (father) lease for lot 2 is dated 1 May 1772.

Samuel Winslow signature on Glebe document 1790

Copy of Charter for St. George Episcopal Church

GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 1GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 2GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 3GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 4GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 5GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 6GlebeLeases-WinslowSamuel page 7


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