Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unknown Family Photos

I've finally gotten around to uploading all the "mystery" photos that we found when we cleaned out my grandfather's closet. If you're family, take a look and let me know if you can identify any.

Mother, Emily,  Wesley, Hanna & Ellen
"Mother, Emily, Wesley, Hanna & Ellen" 

Update - The family in the photo was identified by John W. Geyer.  He writes:
The picture is of the McGimpsey family.

The correct names of the people in the photo are -
My maternal great grandfather and great grandmother
Father - Henry James McGimpsey  (buried in Sixteen Cemetery)
Mother -  Eliza McGimpsey               "       "    "              "

my maternal great aunts clockwise
Daughter - Lizzie McGimpsey            "       "    "              "
Daughter - Catherine McGimpsey Dusenberry
Daughter - Mary McGimpsey McRoberts    "    "               "

Lizzie was never married and lived most of adult life in Thornburg, was an excellent seamstress and a nice lady and I recall visiting her many times and especially many times when I would go to her home in Thornburg after school and have dinner with her before going to basketball practice in the evening.

Catherine was the youngest and married and lived her entire married life in Tucson, Arizona where she and her husband owned and operated a  moving and storage business.  They had one son and his son is still  practicing law in Tucson.

Mary was the live wire of the daughters, a fun loving very interesting lady.  She was married to John McRoberts and the only child they ever had was born dead. She and John lived in Thornburg most of their married life on a small acreage and kept at least one cow and chickens until very late in her life.


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