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Samuel W. Winslow

Who are the parents of Samuel W. Winslow?"

The answer is Samuel Winslow and Priscilla _____. I still don't have a Mayflower connection, but I'm working on that since so many "on-line cousins" had that information passed down to them for generations.

Samuel Winslow, Benjamin Woolsey, Isaac Fowler and Thomas Woolsey names can be found on 1763 documents of Newburgh Precinct.

Samuel Winslow, Benjamin Woolsey, Samuel Fowler, Benjamin Fowler, Rev. John Sayre petitioned Governor Colden for a royal charter to establish St. George's Church in the parish of Newburgh. Petition was granted in 1770. You can find Samuel Winslow's name on Glebe documents dated 1772 and 1773.

Samuel Winslow and Priscilla ______ are the parents of Samuel W. Winslow, Hannah Winslow, Joseph Winslow and George Winslow. Samuel is deceased by August 1775, and it is our Priscilla that is listed in the Refugees from Long Island to Connecticutt. The children's names are from 1791 Glebe documents.

Priscilla, widow of Samuel Winslow plead poverty. I don't know for a fact that Priscilla is Samuel W.'s mother, but Priscilla is left a widow with four small children--so I'm assuming she is the natural mother.

If you're looking at the 1790 census for Samuel Winslow in Amenia--it's going to lead you wrong. I've compared notes with a "cousin" and that has to be a different Samuel Winslow (probably a cousin to our Samuel Winslow). This Samuel Winslow is a Quaker and his wife, Mariam Haight is a quaker minister (hence the document you find on-line in Ancestry is not for our Samuel Winslow). This other Samuel Winslow lived in Watertown. I still haven't found our family on the 1790 census.

However, in 1800 you can find the family--Ours is a neighbor to mother-in-law Margaret Woolsey (Samuel doesn't come up on 1800 census--but he's there just look up Margaret Woolsey). The other children are there also (daughter Hannah marries Jeremiah Barnhart).

I've scheduled another trip to New York this October to look at more of the Glebe and early Newburgh documents.


Jen Lyons 1/26/2009 11:52 AM  

I'm working back into a Winslow family in New York, and still having trouble with the Joseph, Samuel, George generation. Moses Winslow was born about 1800 and was baptized at the Methodist-Episcopal Church in Newburgh, along with several other Winslows. Moses married an Elizabeth in Ulster County and had nine children. The family is intact in 1840 but by 1859 the wife and children are in Callicoon, Sullivan County and dad is in Shandaken- with a young woman and baby.
Moses' children scattered across the country. My brother in law is related to Elijah Winslow, who settled in Wisconsin. Elijah's brother Samuel went to Nebraska and pioneered there.
Who is Moses' father?

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