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Mayflower Application-Samuel and Joseph Winslow of Rumbout

I had some major eye issues over the past six months, so I didn't get much genealogy research done. I had the Mayflower application returned quickly for incomplete information/need clearer copies/and "that's an interesting story, but we're a lineage society".....I spent the first month after regaining my health working on the genealogy of Samuel Winslow. I'm ready to resubmit the application.

Anyway, I went up to Salt Lake City for three days of research and did find several things--including a tie that Margaret Woolsey Winslow was married to Samuel Winslow. That should overcome the comment made on the Mayflower application that my connection of Margaret Winslow to Benjamin Woolsey was "weak" (Benjamin Woolsey's will names Margaret Winslow)--and the headstone didn't identify her with her maiden name. For those of you interested, that's p.22 of Biographical Memoirs of Wyandot County Ohio--John R. Jurey. If anyone knows where there is a marriage record---I'm still interested and stumped.

Another interesting item I found for all you Joseph Winslow/Margaret seekers are two names the children of Joseph Winslow--are your ready??? Declarations, pleas records of the Court of General Session and Common Pleas, 1721-1864 (FHC film#565229) names Margaret Winslow the widow of Joseph Winselow deceased and John her son aged six years, David aged four years, Stephen aged three years and Sarah aged four months from the precinct of Charlotte to the precinct of Rumbout. Its dated 9 October 1772. Bad news, the court case is between the Overseers of the Poor of Rumbout and Charlotte making Margaret return to Rumbout...The other reference is a few pages earlier between the same two Overseers of the Poor dated 8 October 1772. So not only did we get an approximate date of Joseph Winslow's death, we also got the names of his children also.


Anonymous 1/07/2009 4:12 PM  

Thank you so much for posting this up -- how very interesting! You said you found a tie connecting Margaret to Samuel, unless I'm missing it in the document above, was there some other tie you found?

Also - this document is removing widow Margaret and sending her to Rumbout -- any idea why this would happen?

Thanks so much for all your work - and I hope your health is much better now. I now know of two Winslow researchers dealing with Graves disease recently (myself included) which is known to be a genetic issue - that's not the eye issue you have, is it?

You are doing a wonderful job - keep up the great work!


Jen Lyons 1/29/2009 2:04 PM  

I'm trying to tie in to Samuel's family. I have a Moses Winslow, b. about 1800 and baptized at the Newburgh ME Chuch (St. George's). No parents are listed, but I believe the father might have been Joseph Winslow, son of Samuel. Moses lived in Shandaken for most of his life. His family was ther until the 1850 census when the wife and kids are in Callicoon, Ulster COunty.
This is probably related to the Winslow family from the Glebe in Newburgh.

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