Wednesday, June 27, 2007

QUERY: Richard B. Geyer, born 1843

Here is an email query I received (unfortunately, I was not able to be of any help):

I am Carl Richard Geyer and can go back to my Great-Grandfather Richard B. Geyer, born in 1843 and fought as a 20 year old Sargent at Gettysburg in the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer regt. He lived in Allegheny Landing or City. He is in the 1860 census as a 17 year old with $7K property, and his mother (32 year old) Elizabeth also has $7K in property. He lists his birthplace as Maryland, although living in a suburb of Pittsburgh. Sometimes he lists his father as being from Md. or in the 1900 census he says his father was German and his mother English born. My grandfather was born Bowman Sweitzer Geyer in 1883 but after 1900 when he played pro baseball he was Jacob Bowman Geyer. I have always heard our roots are from Bayern or Baden. I have not been able to find Richard B Geyer in the 1850 census, so don't know if he came to America after 1850 or where he was really born. I thought possibly he was a nephew of Henry Geyer who was born in Frederick, Maryland, in 1790. Any info would be
appreciated. Thanks.

The Bowmans were Dutch and came to America about 1700 and the Sweitzers were Swiss and may have come to Doylestown, Pa about 1705. Thanks, Rick Geyer

If you have any information or can offer any help or advice to Rick, you can contact him at the following email address: RGeyerWINE [at] aol [dot] com


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